Perhaps you should have read the contact page of this blog where I state don’t bother if you’re in her “swarm”.

I’m glad you can be their “voice” (I couldn’t imagine what he might have to say besides…”Gimme Food, More Beer, Belch, Fart, I Pooped”).

I recommend you be more careful with your words of “wisdom” to me.  You really don’t want what I have becoming PUBLIC or to be released to the Authorities!

Yeah…I’m a “weasel” who has a lot of things on a lot of people that they wouldn’t want getting out.

Speaking of “weasels”…

What did he say on Facebook?  “Never Back Down…Defend Any Turf!”  Like the time he hid in the bedroom with the lights off (probably sucking his thumb) instead of facing me like a man?  Hahaha!

Also, please be reminded every time you step into that house that your granddaughter lives in, that the house is there solely because of ME.  I (alone) was approved for a mortgage on MY “legal” income and MY credit.  NOT HERS (she has NEVER legally “worked”).  And definitely NOT HIS (I don’t think they give out mortgages for Dunkin Donuts minimum-wage pay).  So go ahead, “Blame” the house on me…You know I do!!!  The house is in MY NAME!  If you take MY NAME off of the mortgage, there is NO HOUSE.  They can’t get a mortgage (or rent) without actual real legally reported income!  No place for your newborn granddaughter to be warm and cozy these winter nights.  Think about that next time you walk in that door.  It’s all because of me and me alone.

It’s obvious and pretty simple.  And you insult me?  How’s that for irony?