I received a comment on my latest blog post from a “mysterious” person named “Move On”.

“You need to move on and get over her, she is very happy and doing well for herself… It is time for you to worry about getting better. I new you both many years back and the garbage you are putting on here couldn’t be more false. I feel bad for you.”

First let me tell you a couple of stories…

Many years ago my  then wife logged onto my instant messenger pretending to be me and trying to trap my friend (female) at work to admit/say flirting or sexual things to me.  My friend knew it wasn’t me because we NEVER talked like that and called me at my desk to confirm it wasn’t me.  My then wife was jealous of this friend because this friend was successful and had a career and she did not.

Around 2011 my then wife logged into my Facebook account at 2am and wrote my dad an message accusing him of some real sick and evil abuses to myself and my siblings all the while pretending to be me.  My dad knew from the words she wrote that it wasn’t me because I didn’t speak like that (Hello…He RAISED me!).  This was all part of her plan to take my family away from me because my sister had seen her sitting on a man’s lap at the mall and kissing him and she didn’t want my sister to tell me.  It worked, my dad wasn’t going to be accused of abuse he never committed and said he would never speak to her ever again.

Shortly after my mentally handicapped Uncle called the house to talk to me.  A male (my then wife’s brother, father or one of her MANY boyfriends) answered and pretended to be me.  This person called my Uncle the “R” word and told him to never call again.  My Uncle hung up really upset.  I love my Uncle unconditionally and would NEVER say that word and it was never allowed to be spoken in my house.  Period.  I despise that insulting word and will never use it.  My Uncle is a real person with a real disability.  It was dirty and hurtful to pretend to be me and insult my mentally handicapped Uncle like that.  One person I had heard say the “R” word many times was my ex-wife who called her affair-partner’s 9-year old brother that word all the time in front of me and my son.  I wonder if her affair-partner knew what she called his brother on many occasions?

After the Divorce, I suspected many times that what my daughter was texting me wasn’t really her.  My daughter has a heart of gold and would never say such evil things to her own father.

My parents get countless phone calls daily from debt collectors asking for my ex-wife because my ex-wife gave their phone number and address as her own to hide from her financial obligations.  I would never do anything hurtful like that to her parents.  That’s the difference between my ex and I.

Why is all of this relevant you may ask?

Let’s play  a little game “Move On”…

I’m glad she’s doing well for herself.  I’m sure she’s enjoying her life of CRIME.  I hope her affair-partner is teaching her all about “life” as his mother said.  I am very much “better” (that was a sick joke about a real illness I had in the past) now that I’m away from her and her control which caused my illness in the first place!  You “new” or is it “knew” us both many years back?  Really?  I wonder how long?  19 years perhaps?

This person is so “mysterious”.  I wonder who it could be?

Well, this “mysterious” person named “Move On” who commented to my last post forgot that their actual email address would be posted also!  To my surprise…It was my Ex-Wife’s EMAIL!  Really!  She’s so smart and devious.  She actually found my blog.  She must be so proud of her “detective work”.

Does she think that I’m that stupid or ignorant that I wouldn’t figure out it was her?  Especially because she had tried these dirty tricks of pretending to be someone else countless times before.  She left her actual email address on the account and pretended to be a past mutual friend!  She’s that much smarter than me.  There’s no way I could ever figure that out!  She’s the ultimate master of disguise.  She was always so good at it (or at least she thought she was).

She can pretend to be someone she is NOT for the rest of her life.  Pretend to be wealthier than she really is.  Take her extravagant vacations she really can’t afford.  Wear her expensive clothes and Add Two Cup Sizes “PUSH-UP” bras (yeah I went there).  Tanning, nails and dyed hair to hide her appearance and age.  Hide who she really is on the inside.  She’s fooled so many people for so very long.  Keep pretending.  That’s what she does best.  Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.