I spoke to my mom the other day and she said some pretty hurtful things to me.  She said I was paranoid and “crazy” for thinking my ex-wife would do anything more to hurt me.

Maybe I am paranoid.  I have a right to be!

My ex-wife has purposely and maliciously hurt me any chance she has since she told me she wanted a divorce (because she was having an affair).

  • The bag of disease-infested used condoms left on my doorstep (to show me how many times the scumbag and her had had sex while she was still married).  It’s pretty disgusting that they were saving the used condoms all that time.  I hope they got bugs and that it smelled.
  • She would drive up and down the street I lived on at the time doing 5 mph (the speed-limit on that street was 35mph).  She had no reason at all to drive on that street except to stalk me.
  • Multiple flat tires on my truck within a 2-week time.
  • The lies spread about me to everyone she knows to justify her cheating on me and to save her reputation and to make her look like a “victim“.
  • The constant harassment for “Her” Money (the child-support to my children).
  • The arrest from false allegations of abuse (the text message she tricked the Police into arresting me for).
  • The Control she wishes to have over me by using my children as pawns in her evil agenda.
  • The total alienation from my children.

My mom says I can’t live in “fear” or my ex-wife wins.

I look at it that if I don’t protect myself every day from this evil woman than I will end up in a jail cell for a very long time.  I can no longer wait for my ex-wife’s next move.  We’re playing chess and I have to be 6 moves ahead of her.

My mom was not arrested because of this woman.  My mom doesn’t understand the pain that I have had to endure on a daily basis of not seeing or hearing from my children.  My mom doesn’t know how corrupt the Family Court “system” is.  My mom has never been divorced.  Don’t talk to me about something I’m living and you’ve never had to experience.

This woman who I had thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with has now turned into a maniacal monster.  For 17 years I lived a lie with her.  Not knowing who she truly was.  The day she asked for a divorce her true colors were exposed.  She has absolutely no empathy for any living thing other than herself.  If she’s not getting something out of something than it’s not worth her time or effort and she will destroy anything that gets in the way of her “happiness“.

I can’t wait for the other shoe to drop all the time.  I have to and will protect myself and those I care about first and foremost.  She will not win.

One man in the classes I attended summed it up for all men.  “Gentlemen, we are at WAR!” he said to everyone.  “If we don’t protect ourselves against the ex-partner and the corrupt system of the family courts destroying us then we will surely PERISH.”  Neither the ex-partner nor the court system has the man or the man’s well-being in mind.  The court doesn’t care if you are going hungry or if you are homeless.  All they care about is that you pay the State and your Child-support.  That’s it.  That’s all they will ever care about.  And if a man were to take his own life, they would blame it on other issues/causes like mental illness or gun control.  They will never take fault that what drove that man to suicide was the corrupt system of the family courts.

I took those words to heart.  I’m a military man.  A troop must have the correct armor and weapons available to him/her to combat the enemy.  Without the protection the troop will surely fail in his mission.  You can have all the best weapons in the world but if you don’t have the correct armor and gear to protect yourself you will fail.  A troop will not run into an open area with only his weapon and wearing his underwear.  It would be suicidal!  He needs a helmet and he needs his Kevlar vest to protect himself from enemy fire (or better yet a big-ass tank).

I love my mom to death but she doesn’t understand what I’m going through.  She is too innocent and always looks only at the good of people.  She ignores the bad in people and it sometimes bites her.  It bit me and it’ll never happen again.  I’ve learned my lesson.

My ex-wife is not a good person and never will be.  I will never assume again that my ex-wife will ever do anything good or right.  I will always assume that everything she will ever say or do will be to cause me pain and harm.  Always.