I have officially not seen or had any contact with my son since August 31st of last year.

It’s been a heart-wrenching time in my life.  One of the most painful experiences I’ve ever had to endure.

I missed him the most yesterday.  The one year mark.  I went to a minor-league baseball game with my girlfriend (her suggestion because she knew I was having an awful day).  My son would have enjoyed the game.  He always enjoyed baseball, especially watching live at the ballpark.

One whole year I have missed out of my son’s life.  One year of not speaking to him.  One year of not seeing his big smile or giving him a fist pound.

And I hope nobody ever has to go through what I have.  The Family Court “system” is broken, corrupt, hypocritical and meaningless.  With all the causes that people support, why is nobody fighting the cause of fixing the “system”?  How many destroyed men (because of the “system”) will take their lives before people notice?