28 December 2015

Dear Shelby & Nathan,

Since, I’m not allowed to legally have any contact with you, I’ve decided to write letters that I hope that you will see someday.

I hope your Christmas went well.  Mine was good.  I didn’t have a lot of money to purchase many gifts but I think I did well with what I had.  I would have given you both gifts if I was allowed to mail them to you but unfortunately I am not.  If I had, I would have been arrested immediately!  I hope you both understand the circumstances.

The holidays are exceptionally tough for me not being allowed to see or hear from you both, but I got through it ok with the help of my loving and caring girlfriend and my family.

I hope school is going good for both of you.  Shelby will be graduating next month.  I hope you have made some choices about your future.  Nathan, I hope you are doing your homework.  I know the extra work is boring but it’s something you always had trouble with.  Keep your grades up!  It’ll pay off in the long run, especially if you want to get into the High-School that you want to attend.  That school has strict admission guidelines.

I still look at your pictures daily.  It’s the only way I get to see you both.  It hurts and makes me cry often.  I miss you both immensely.

I wanted to let you both know, Uncle Andy passed away last month after a 15 year battle with a very real and serious illness.  His ceremony was honorable.  He was given full Military Honors with rifle salute and a flag for his service which he deserved.  I wrote his obituary myself.  He had specifically asked that I would honor him with that.  I put more in, but we couldn’t afford it so I had to trim it down.  Funny how the newspapers rob people after someone has died!  I will miss him.

I love you both and miss you!

Love Always,